IEPERFEST SUMMER: 5 more bands added + day splits

Here are the 5 last bands to complete the Ieperfest summer 2023 line-up:

FATAL MOVE: Antwerp 2-step metalcore, groovy ‘n heavy. Come out and mooooosh!!!

MILITARIE GUN: Very much hyped US post-hardcore band. Previous UK / Euro tours with SHOW ME THE BODY and FIDDLEHEAD.

NASTY: No introduction needed, right? Headlining the fest on Saturday.

ONE STEP CLOSER: Modern US hardcore on the rise. Friends of TURNSTILE.

UNIFORM: Back at the Ieperfest stage with their vicious post-industrial dystopian cyber-punk sound.

Day splits announced

Yes indeed, check the flyer to see which band plays on which day.

Day tickets are now for sale. We obviously hope you can be present the entire weekend. If not, no worries, we also offer a limited amount of day tickets for each day!!

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