We are delighted with all the appreciation Ieperfest has gotten on the socials when we asked for your bestest moments at the fest!! Seeing your fave bands, making friends, meeting the love of your life, discovering new favourites, becoming veggie or vegan after tasting the delicious plant-based food we’re offering, etc etc. Thanks so much, it means the world to us and, and to be honest, it’s probably thé main force to keep on doing the festival. None of us make a living by working for the fest, so we may as well use our spare time to organise an event that is really, really being appreciated, and that – in some cases – has changed people’s lives!

The upcoming edition will be happening in about 2 months from now. Thanks for supporting us by buying a ticket. It’s an amazing way to show us that you appreciate the fest and all the work that’s being thrown in by the many volunteers that make it happen!!

See y’all real soon!!

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