Volunteers wanted, lodging update & floor plan

Volunteers we need you!!

Do you want to help out at IEPERFEST 2023? This is your chance! We need people to help out at the bar (inside of the venue where the main stage will be & also in the cafe where people can hangout for a bit), help in the kitchen as well as help with our green team (making sure the festival runs as sustainably as possible). Join here!

Lodging update

As we have shared before, with our new concept we are no longer able to provide a campsite.

However there are still options in Ypres to stay the night. There is a campsite hosted by the city called ‘Jeugstadion Ieper’. Located about 20 minutes from the festival. More info here.

There are also hotels available, we recommend a stay with Westhoek-Hotels. More info here.

Floor Plan

IEPERFEST 2023 will be a hybrid edition: part inside, part outside. To give you a clearer image of what that means, we drew a floor plan. This new concept doesn’t mean we’re downgrading, the amount of space & bands are still the same!

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