Ieper Hardcore Fest | 1, 2 & 3 JULY 2022

Ieperfest winter edition 2022 Band announcement

Date: Saturday 5 March
Place to be: JOC, Ieper

  • ARKANGEL The masters of the Belgian metalcore sound still around
  • CROWSVIEW H8000 metalcore heroes on the rise
  • CRUCIFIED H8000 stomping hardcore/punk
  • DIVINE HATRED Brutal UK metal/deathcore
  • GRAY STATE All the way from Finland, ready to conquer all of our hearts
  • MALEVOLENCE The hottest & most interesting hard/metalcore band to come from the UK in ages!
  • WORKS OF THE FLESH Antwerp death metal with lots of crust influences
  • WORST DOUBT Paris hardcore on Beatdown Hardware records

Presale starts on Friday 15 October at 18h00.

If you bought a ticket for the ARKANGEL show that was initially planned for October 2020, you can use it for this show.

Thanks for your support!!


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