Ieper Hardcore Fest | 1, 2 & 3 JULY 2022

Green Camping

Guests on our green camping wil not only be able to enjoy a clean camping area.

The amount of people able to camp on our green camping is limited, so reserving your spot is necessary. Only registered guests will be allowed on the green camping. When you buy your festival ticket you can add a ‘green camping’ ticket. If you make a reservation for the green camping, you automatically agree with the following rules:

  1. No Trash: We do not want to see any trash on the ground, and we expect people on the green camping to separate all their waste. Trash bins for sorting will be available on the campsite. Also, if you do see other people litter, ask them to pick up their shit. Social control can be a powerful thing.
  2. Be Quiet: No radios, speakers, shouting, loud singing, or anything else that makes too much noise.
  3. Show respect: Towards your fellow green campers, the Ieperfest shit workers and the environment.
  4. Everything you bring along, you take back home with you.
  5. No party tents allowed.
  6. On our green camping, the same rules apply as on the rest of the camping. In case of a serious violation of these rules, you will be removed from the green camping.

Use the garbage bags we offer you for free (or ask for it at the camping shop is you need some more) and collect your trash. Then, go find the bins and put everything separated in the right bins as the signs on them tell you. Let's keep the campsite clean! If you don't know where to put your stuff, please ask someone else. He/she might know and you might never forget. Since 2015 there are no party tents allowed on the campsite!

Together we want to set an example for others: Festival camping ≠ dump!

More info coming soon!

Donation pit

Can’t be bothered to take your stuff with you after the fest? Leave it at the donation pit in the camping entrance/camping shop. Only stuff that’s not broken please! We donate it to a good cause!


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