Ieper Hardcore Fest | 2, 3 & 4 JULY 2021

Food & Drinks

Vegan food

By eating vegan for 3 days, you will save 12 000 liters of water, over 8 square meters of forest, 54 kg of grain and 27 kg of CO2. That is as sustainable as it gets! All the food at Ieperfest is 100% vegan. Make sure to check the FOOD section and see what’s cooking to fill you tummy.


You can find something to drink at one of our bars – yes we have two bars! The small and sustainable bar runs mostly on tapwater. This bar offers local organic beers and delicious lemonades. No soft drinks from a bottle at this bar = plastic waste reduction! We use as much organic (from local farmers) and fairtrade products as possible. Check out the IF HC Food stand for a selection of faitrade vegan snacks or get your favourite fairtrade/organic drink at the bar. There will be plenty to choose from! Furthermore we have our garden gnome working day and night to get us some tasty fresh veggies to serve you. And that thanks to Ecoflora too!


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