Ieper Hardcore Fest | 1, 2 & 3 JULY 2022

ABC Of Our Trash

Sorting – The ABC of our trashbins: what goes where?


is not allowed! But if you feel the urge to be an ass and bring your own glass bottles to the fest, we will ask you to put them in one of the glass containers we put at the entrance of the camping and the festival ground. There's a huge chance that the word ‘GLASS' is written on it. You just can't miss it.


Plastic bottles, Metallic cans and Drinking cartons. NO cups or plates or other plastic things. This kind of waste belongs in a BLUE BIN or bag, and will be used again to make new bottles, clothes or even bikes...

PMD trash - how to recycle


Throw all your paper and cardboard in one of the big cardboard boxes in the merch & MTM tent.


This GREEN BIN just love food... Food, unprinted napkins & wooden cutlery only. Which means that the package where the food was wrapped in, doesn't belong in this bin! Even the food doesn't belong in it if it can still be eaten, and there is always somebody around who will eat it! Share (the love for) food, don't bin it if it still can be eaten.

GREEN trash - how to recycle


If you were on one of the (we lost count) last editions, you will recognize the lovely green, long-lasting hard plastic plates! So, we don't have to tell you that they are being re-used. Just like other years we ask you to pay a warrant (ONE extra token) when you get your food/plate. When you return your plate to our special ‘RETURN POINT'/'washing up point', you will get a token back.

Reusable plates

Bubble Gum Tree(s)

Instead of spitting you bubble gum on the ground or in someone's hair, stick it on the bubble gum tree(s) that you can find on the festival ground.

Bubble gum tree

Ashtray Tubes

Look around for them as they actually look like cigarettes. You can't say we don't make it easy for you guys & girls. If you smoke, please take note that in Belgium smoking in tents is not allowed by law and the smokers, not the organisation can be fined by authorities. So be kind to all and smoke in open air, put your cigarette out and bin it in the ashtrays and ashtray tubes provided. Every cigarette bud you throw on the ground pollutes about 3 liters of ground water. Fuck that shit!

All other stuff that can’t be recycled

If you're holding something that doesn't fit in one of the groups we've just explained above, you might hold something that can't be recycled. That's why we call it non-recyclable waste. But hey, you can still put in into the right bin on the fest: BLACK BIN.

REST trash - how to recycle


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