Ieper Hardcore Fest | 2, 3 & 4 JULY 2021


Ah, food & music, what a lovely combination !! 

And speaking of combinations: even in the food court itself we try to offer you year in, year out a good variety of tastes, all of course still 100 % plant-based.  Yeah, right on: fully natural meals & snacks in front- & backstage, since 1992 or 27 editions long.  We might say we’re a trendsetter & we might have some experience on this matter, hihi ... 

A plant-based diet is healthier for you, the animals and the entire planet.  Veganism is not just a food thing, it's an ever growing ethical movement and one of the most powerful choices one can make in life.  It is also the biggest 'thing' in the green policy of (y)our fest, no matter what else we all do besides this, and yes, we're proud to say so: “ that is a lot !! ”. 

As a lot of you may have noticed or heard, the last couple of years, we’ve been working with the best vegan foodtrucks & stands around as an addition to our own Ieperfest catering, Ieper Hardcore Food (what's in a name?). 

Regrettably we had to reject a shitload of stalls willing to come over to be a part of our food court & had to say goodbye to some others we had before.  Thanks to them for the years of giving us something to eat, we shall meet in the future for sure.  But we also salute some stall who’s coming back after being absence, as we quote them: “we missed Ieperfest way too much.”  Ha, who are we to disagree?  So, once again we’re damn sure we’re teaming up with loving people & brands to consummate our lovely 'Vegan Food Court' & to create a fingerlicking good …

Ieper Hardcore Food bakskeIeper Hardcore Food bordje

Ieperfest 2019 food line-up
(In alphabetic order & all vegan): 

De Frietketel

Awarded as this year’s best “frietkot” of Gent and East-flanders, De Frietketel was, is & will always be the best choice to serve you those yellow golden sticks, we all (secretly) adore. On the menu, besides delicious French fries, as those sticks seems to be wrongly named, an extensive assortment of sauces. Just ketchup as a sauce? Think again! Home-made vegan aioli, tartare, veganaise, samurai & own daring creations such as the blackened sauce with whiskey.

In short: De Frietketel is a mandatory stop at Ieperfest !!

Ieper Hardcore Food

Ieper Hardcore Food wants to promote the vegan way of life from taste bud to taste bud. From healthy shizzle to easy going fastfood. From back- to frontstage. From us to you. Hardcore food by & for hardcore kids. The way we love it the mos(h)t !! 

On Ieperfest, we provide all the band- & hardworking crewmembers (we love you all !!) 3 days long with a variation of lovely festmade vegan goodies in the backstage. 

In the front we’re pleased to serve you the ‘hot meal’-platters with fresh veggies along the side:

But our snack-session has changed a bit, cuz you can find pizzaslices & Notdogs in some other stalls at het foodcourt. Didn’t we mention that we’re trendsetters? Eh, yes, we did !!

As it seems by now, you can chose between 3 different kinds of “croques”, and we don’t mean those ugly shoes, you know, but about those toasted slices of bread: Normal, Hawaï or Bolognese.
Big sandwiches: The La Vie est Belle – Tartin’o and/or The Wilmersburger cheese & vegs.
And a chickpeacurry with rice, a Mac'n cheese with coleslaw, donuts, ice-creams and who knows what else comes our way the coming days …

Nevertheless: support Ieperfest & catch ‘em all. You won't regret it !!

La Vie Est Belle logo

Loving Hut Express

The Loving Hut Express is the first vegan food truck in Belgium and provides all kinds of festivals and events of a delicious mix of Western and Oriental snacks, meals and desserts for almost 8 years now.  We stand for a high-quality, artisan kitchen; which means using fairtrade and organic ingredients as much as possible, homemade sauces, original recipes, … 

Great taste comes first, but we also strive to get a nice balance between proteins, carbs and all the good stuff in vegetables, so that one has a satisfied feeling afterwards.  Also because we use enough sauce where it's needed :-).  Healthy vegan fast food, because we can! 


100% Plant based & Organic

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Plant A Pizza starts its adventure in the Foodcourt of Ieperfest! Completely plant based, organic, we make the most in our kitchen: our mozzarella 2.0 will surprise you, our slow-fermented dough, our tomato sauce, our toppings etc .. We buy our vegetables from local organic farmers and our organic blue cheese, Sweet Blue, is produced by the Vegan Butcher's Choice in Brussels.

Our pizza’s: so fresh and yummy!

Come and taste it!


Punk Dog is a mobile catering company focused on vegan street food.
Our main product is a vegan hot dog in a Brazilian way (more precisely from São Paulo).
We give preference to organic, local and fair-trade products to make our cruelty-free hot dogs and snacks.
You can find us on street markets, vegan and of course rock'n roll events in Utrecht.
We love the animals as much we love rock'n roll.
Kick cruelty in the balls, eat with attitude!

The Vegan Butchers Choice

New on the scene is The Vegan Butchers Choice. Prep up for meat... Say what ?! Haha, only vegan of course: brochettes, saussages & fried “chicken”, smuthered in a tasty marinade and with vegan mayo if you’re up for it. They get your vitamins and minarals covered with delish veggies too, no worries 


Yugen is a Belgian kombucha brewery crafting fermented beverages as they should be. Not just an alternative soda, but a wild and 100% natural probiotic drink, full of bold flavors and organic ingredients. No compromises. Try their three original flavors, "Ginger-Lemon", "Apple-Mint" and "Mango-Turmeric", rr venture deep into their alluring cocktail menu. Party Harder, Hangover Less!

And you ...

You’re also a part of these food court as you are willing to try (all?) these yummies in your tummies.  Please help us out to spread the vegan message world wide by using following #Ieperfestfoodcourt2019

We do hope you appreciate our efforts to bring you a splendid food line-up !!
And remember: “no animals were harmed in the making of all this food.”

Ieper Hardcore Food Garden

Why Vegan?

Well, maybe a more sensible question would be Why not? As your fork is a very powerful tool for changing our world. In a world where solidarity is increasingly important, a conscious choice for less meat and dairy is good for everyone (a fair food distribution, if we can only end the capitalist system responsible for world hunger! Working on it…), the environment, animals and your health.

One sixth of the world population is malnourished and every year more than 6 million children die from malnutrition. Over sixty percent of the total production of grain, maize and barley is used for livestock feed. Tons of corn and millions of hectares of land brought into production today are used for animal feed. In total, the cultivation of animals and producing animal feed uses 78 percent of the agricultural space. On these grounds, we can plant and grow organic food fit for human consumption that provides all the necessary nutrients. Eating meat is thus totally not efficient: to produce one kilo of meat, we need 100 times more water in comparison to the production of one kilo of grain or vegetables. An average vegetarian needs 180 kilos of grain annually, for a meat eater that’s 930 kilos of grain (for 1 kilogram of beef, 9 kilogram of grain is required!). Meat production uses at least ten times more energy than growing vegetables.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution, is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and is a primary driver of rainforest destruction, species extinction, habitat loss, topsoil erosion, ocean 'dead zones', and virtually every other environmental ill. Yet it goes on, almost entirely unchallenged.

Animals are considered and treated like products. The term “speciesism” is often used and has been around since 1973. Veganism even longer: the word and the ethics behind it saw the daylight in 1944. Many decades have since passed, yet their true meaning is often unknown or unclear. There are a bunch of nice animal rights stands in the MoreThanMusic Tent here on ieperfest with all the info you need. Feel free to check them out & ask questions!

We know now that too much meat is not healthy. Obesity, cholesterol problems, diabetes and heart disease are the prices we pay for a flesh and high calorie diet. It doesn’t even matter what our ancestors ate and that we’re considered to be omnivores. Numerous studies show that vegans and vegetarians live a healthier live and get all the nutrients they need. What’s more important is our eating habits today and how they affect the world… 

And if you think that meatless is tasteless, you should definitely try every single snack and meal provided here at Ieperfest and see for yourself.

Have a nice meal!


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