2022 marks the 30th anniversary since the legendary Umeå hardcore band Abhinanda was started and the year Darkness of Ignorance was recorded. In 1993, the following year it was released, the first release on the iconic DIY label Desperate Fight Records. A milestone in Umeå’s and Sweden’s music history!

In many ways the world has changed for the better in the last 30 years, but in many ways it is the same and perhaps worse. The fight against darkness and ignorance must unfortunately continue. We must all raise our voices and fists, point fingers and scream our anger at and against those in power who sound; fake news, racism, war and warmongering spread.

Do you want to (re)experience the old kind of community? The one that meant lifelong friendship, that changed us, that made something positive out of frustration and anger. In October, Abhinanda will offer dangs that catch and evict all that. We know you’ll be roaring Needle, screaming Senseless and singing along to All of Us and more old classics from the hardcore treasure trove.

After we have all had to limit our opportunities to gather physically, we look forward to feeling brother and sisterhood in sing-alongs, circle pits, pile-ons and stage dives.

We created something no one else did. Let’s build on it together!