Ieperfest goes old school!

Everyone who visited Ieperfest throughout our long history (since 1992!) has no problem admitting that we are not like any other festival. Making the big bucks or going mainstream are things we never cared about. Neither do we blindly follow the latest trends in the underground music industry. Those trends changed quite a lot since the very first edition of this festival in our small pub “De Vort’n Vis”. We always gave our best to offer you a wide mixture of celebrated and obscure bands from the underground, and this in an environment as green and as DIY as possible.

The ultimate hardcore experience

Since a few years now – and also again while preparing this 25th anniversary edition – we noticed that things aren’t getting any easier. Booking relevant bands, organising logistics, acquiring all needed permits, etc are getting more and more difficult. However, one thing remains easy: accompanied by our crazy bunch of enthusiastic volunteers, we keep striving to give our visitors the ultimate “hardcore experience”. Every year we are pleased to welcome long-time friends, but also a new growing breed into our “hardcore family”. We will never cease in our efforts to keep our Ieperfest as ecological as humanly possible. The growing acknowledgement of the international music scene for our efforts, convince us  that we are on the right track. Together with you, our visitors, we hope to realize our wish for even more improvement!

Nostalgia into account

Watching old footage and pictures of earlier editions, we realized how intense and crazy the shows were back in the day. Hardcore bands played on smaller stages with the audience close by. Those were the days when the chemistry on and off stage was pushing bands to higher levels. Well, working on this 25th anniversary edition of Ieperfest, we can tell you that we took some of that nostalgia into account. People familiar with our festival know that experimenting and improving reside in our DNA. We took a closer look at the set-up of our stages on the festival ground. Some of them will look quite different this year, with only one purpose: to obtain very intense and frenzy shows! Curious? More news will follow soon!

We hope to welcome all of you at our renewed 25th anniversary edition of Ieperfest. Let’s make it legendary once again!

Team Ieperfest