Sorry for taking so long with the first bunch of names for 2016. Oh well, hope it was worth the wait?!

New this year: we will be kicking off later than we used to. That gives you the time to sleep a bit longer and/or extra time to hang out at the food court before we attack you with some of the nicest harder tunes around.

Tickets are for sale now. Cheap early bird tickets will be available for a limited amount of time. You can get them here. The green camping was really successful last year, so we will be focusing on it even more for the 2016 edition. Limited spots will be available, you can reserve yours straight away when ordering your ticket.

So here’s the first 29 bands for this year. We have some more confirmed already, but agreed to announce those later on.

  • AGNOSTIC FRONT (US) New York hardcore veterans
  • ALKERDEEL (BE) Black metal power
  • The BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (US) Metalcore with an attitude
  • The BLACK HEART REBELLION (BE) Church of f**king RA anyone?!
  • BLIND JUSTICE (US) Hardcore mosh for the kids
  • CHAOS UK (UK) 80s style punk madness
  • COCAINE PISS (BE) Piss-off hardcore/punk
  • COLD HARD TRUTH (UK) Finally back on the mainland
  • CRUDE SS (SE) Old punks never die
  • DESOLATED (UK) Mean and stomping tuff stuff
  • GHOST BATH (US) Post black whatever
  • GHOSTLIMB (US) Mean, pissed-off hardcore
  • GOATWHORE (US) Sludging metal
  • GRAF ORLOCK (US) Grinding the light away
  • H2O (US) Kings of melodic hardcore
  • I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN (AU) Mean melodic metalcore
  • JELLO BIAFRA and TGSM (US) Punk punk pioneer back on track
  • KNUCKLEDUST (UK) Celebrating their 20th anniversary
  • LIFESPITE (BE/NL) Fast 'n furios hardcore
  • NEGATIVE APPROACH (US) Furious 'n fast hardcore
  • NO ZODIAC (US) Wicked metallic hardcore
  • POLAR (UK) High in the sky melodic hardcore
  • RAW POWER (IT) 80s hardcore still going strong
  • REPROACH (BE) Fast forward for life!
  • STRAY FROM THE PATH (US) Alternative hardcore stars on the rise
  • SUNDAYS (BE) Melodic H8000 hardcore
  • TRIBULATION (SE) Melodic death metal, GBG style
  • TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL (BE) H8000 thrash metal warriors
  • WORLD EATER (DE) Fast stomping hardcore

Thanks for your support. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Team Ieperfest