First of all thanks for the great feedback after Monday’s band announcements!

In case you downloaded the schedule right away, please double check if you have the right one. You need the one that says "schedule update" at the top left. Please use that one only.

What’s new at Ieperfest this year?

Well, quite a few things. To mention just a few …

The festival ground has once again been reorganized. We try to keep it handy and cosy. Hope you like our efforts.

Yoga. Feeling like the after party finally thrashed you? Don't know how you will get through another Ieperfest day? Sensing like an old (wo)man who's outgrown this kind of hardcore party? WE HAVE GOT THE PERFECT CURE FOR YOU!!! On Saturday and Sunday morning Ieperfest invites a real yoga teacher to guide you through those first painful hours of the day. She will most definitely leave you feeling refreshed and ready to mosh another day... Be at the festival site at at 11h30 and give your body the time to recover ... Hashtag MOSH ANOTHER DAY, ow yeah!

We will have the BOOMbar up and running this year. It’s a durable, mobile & modular bar system for festivals. Check it out for regular tap water and syrup sweetened water. To top things off, Kaffee Bazaar will be using the BOOMbar to serve a whole bunch of locally brewed, organic beers. See Ieperfest green policy page  for more info.

Are you up for some delicious Fair Trade coffee or biological tea? Come hang out at the SloWWings coffee bar at the Ieperfest camping ground. Discover the ultimate taste-experience, various flavours will be served. See Ieperfest food court page for more info.

Team Ieperfest