Bookfair / NGO-stands

We believe that animal, earth and human liberation will only come through education, so Independent editors and distributors, Zines, NGO's and Action groups from around the world are more than welcome to set up a stand near the MoreThanMusic stage. We also invite NGO’s and Action Groups to mount the stage and to educate the masses.

This is the place to be for critical, counter-current books and publications, vegan and sweatshop free clothing & accessories, cool stickers, posters, and what not… This stuff is hard to find in mainstream bookstores and shops. Copyleft not Copyright!

We invite 2 people per stand and we have space (& tables) for about 20 stands inside the MoreThanMusic tent. Be sure to get in touch with us first for more detailed info and to make a reservation as space and time are kind of limited:

You might want to check out the following stands (and maybe even more) if they make it to Ieperfest: