Green Policy

Welcome to another green edition of Ieperfest! We've got some new & older stuff up our sleeves for this year! So make sure to read on and work your eco magic!

But let's be clear about one thing first: the most ecological thing we could do is not to organize IEPERFEST at all, for you to stay at home and for every single one of us to start a food forest or to change things on a local level while thinking globally (of course this is not an option we're considering and sounds pretty radical, doesn't it? Really?).

Instead we see IEPERFEST as a great exercise for us to try new things towards a sustainable future and a good example for others to follow and to get inspired. Our efforts did not go unnoticed by the outside world, resulting in the winning of the “GROENEVENT AWARD 2015”, a prize organized by the Flemish public waste agency (OVAM) awarding the greenest event in Flanders. For our 2015 event we also won the “Groene Pluim” of Ieper and we were shortlisted for the “Green Operations Award”, as part of the European Festival Awards. So we're pretty sure that we're on the right track.

Apart from an amazing line-up of bands, we have an amazing set of ideas for an even greener festival. Be sure to take notice and feel free to help out!
So here we go again (& again):


What’s new this year?

Reusable drinking cups:

"YES, finally," we hear you say?!

No more PLA cups, that most of you threw on our beloved green festival grounds, no more hours of separating the PLA of dirt, cigarette butts & other shit that doesn't belong in the PLA container in the first place. No, reusable drinking cups with a warrant system in the line of the one we have been using for our food plates and trays for years now. So, you already know what's up:

  • For every drink you buy -that's given to you in one of those reusable cups-, you’ll have to give an extra token per drink to the bartender as a warrant for the cup.
  • You can also use the empty cups as a payment at the bar, one empty cup = one token.
  • So if your drink costs one token, you can pay with...
    • 2 tokens (1 for the drink & 1 for the cup)
    • 1 token & 1 empty cup
    • 2 empty cups
  • No longer thirsty (imagine that?) and you don’t want to carry the cup around? You can return it to the washing up point for CUPS or at the bar (To be confirmed, but will be clearly notified at the festival itself) and you'll receive a token in return. Money will never be given in return. Tokens can be used for food as well & you will find things around that only cost one token … Ow, really? Yep, go check the Oxfam bar @ the MTM.


We will have the BOOMbar (= durable, mobile & modular bar system for festivals) up and running for business this year. In 2015 we joined BOOMtown, a lovely festival in Ghent, Belgium, who constructed this new sustainable bar. The bar runs mostly on tap water. No soft drinks from a bottle, no. Tapwater & syrups to sweeten you up. And there's more, the heat from the tap could even be used for warming water to do the dishes. The bar is really a beauty. Go check it out & see for yourself what this bar has to offer.

For more info about this amazing innovative barsystem, go check

Mobile water purification unit:

We are very very excited, honored & happy to be a part of this new experiment for events. It’s a first timer for sure!!

We talk about a superb system where a part of the dirty water we, & you, produce at the fest will go through a system of pumps and pipes to a big(ger) container. Then it’ll be filtered by the use of plants (can it be any greener?). Later on, the water can be used again for other purposes or it can go back to mother nature, where it belongs.

Ieperfest = testfest! Ieperfest will be used as a test case, this means everything will be tested and measured at the festivalground. Isn't that something really exciting?! A try out for recycling dirty water on the festival site itself! Right here @ Ieperfest. Fuck Yeah !!

DEMO, an Interreg European project:

For the next 4 years, Ieperfest will be part of a European project (DEMO) concerning sustainability and ecology in the music industry. This year you will find our DEMO stand at the festivalground with some lovely volunteers who are keen on asking you some questions about our greenpolicy. So make sure to drop by to say hi and voice your thoughts (or write them down)!

Besides all the new things we do/try/have this year, we're also still doing all the shit (read: efforts) we were already doing for years, if not longer. Some of them even got an upgrade: better, harder, faster stronger. Down sizing on our green policy was, is & will never be an issue !!


Use the garbage bags we offer you, for free and collect your trash, rubbish, rubble, debris, detritus or waste at ALL times. Then go find the bins, put everything separated in the right bins as the signs on them tell you. Let's keep the campsite clean! If you don't know where to put your stuff, please ask someone else. He/she might know and you might never forget. Since 2015 there are no party tents allowed on the campsite! And if you want to know why, ask all those losers who think it was cool to leave them behind year after year. We're fucking tired of cleaning all those deliberately trashed tents. So don't blame us for making this choice. Thanks for your understanding & co-operation.

Donation pit:

If you're leaving the fest and if you can't be bothered to take home what you have brought with you, give it to the people at the entrance of the campsite where there will be a DONATION PIT in the camping shop! You can't imagine how much stuff people leave behind that can still be used or donated to less fortunate people: tents, clothing, towels, food, drinks, toilet paper, … So no need to cut or even burn your, or someone else's, tent to pieces (ever thought about safety?!). Take your tent down and donate it to the donation pit. Be sure to drop off food and drinks that are unopened here too! We will donate everything that's in good condition to a better cause!

Green Camping

Considering the great success last year, we'll have an even bigger green camping this year! This will give more people the chance to camp in a quiet and more ecologically sustainable way.

Guests on our green camping will not only be able to enjoy a clean camping area, they will also have exclusive access to:

  • Showers with hot water from an eco pellet stove. Yeah. Thanks to ÖkoFEN!!
  • Electricity made on site by solar panels. Thanks to ExtraPower!!
  • Composting toilets. Hell fucking yeah. Thanks to Green Corner Toilets!!
  • Separate (veg?) cooking area. Hell cooking yeah. Thanks to you!!

The amount of people able to camp on our green camping is limited, so reserving your spot is necessary. Only registered guests will be allowed on the green camping.

You can secure your spot by sending an e-mail to Your e-mail must include the following information:

  • Number of guests + names
  • The kind of tent you are bringing e.g. 2 person iglo (we want to make the most of the available space)
  • Put “Green Camping 2016” in your subject line

For entrance to the green camping, you will need a normal camping ticket + your reservation (no extra cost).

If you make a reservation for the green camping, you automatically agree with the following rules:

  • No Trash: We do not want to see any trash on the ground, and we expect people on the green camping to separate all their waste. Trash bins for sorting will be available on the campsite. Also, if you do see other people litter, ask them to pick up their shit. Social control can be a powerful thing.
  • Be Quiet: No radios, speakers, shouting, loud singing, or anything else that makes too much noise.
  • Show respect: Towards your fellow green campers, the Ieperfest shit workers and the environment.
  • Everything you bring along, you take back home with you.
  • No party tents allowed.

On our green camping, the same rules apply as on the rest of the camping.

In case of a serious violation of these rules, you will be removed from the green camping.

Together we want to set an example for others: Festival camping ≠ dump!

Food & Drinks

100% Vegan Kitchen:

To quote a visitor: “Hey I understand Ieperfest is going for the green but why do you keep holding on to the fact that the kitchen still has to be all vegan?” Answer: “Sorry to say but I think you don't quite understand the fact about being veg-green.” And if you still wonder, please go check the MTM to inform you about what you can do to change the world's environment on a daily basis by choosing what to eat or even better what NOT to eat. There's a lot to choose from. Make sure to check the FOOD section and see what's cooking to fill your tummy!

Organic products from local Farmers & Fairtrade Products:

We try to shorten the travel distance of the food that is offered to us all. Most of that food, let me say, as much as possible, is organic. At the bar and in the MTM (again) you can find loads of fairtrade drinks & vegan snacks, most of them are also very organic. We know most fairtrade products come a long way, but still, choosing for these products is in every way, and not only in the process of thinking, green. Fair prices for the farmers and people along the travel process is also recommended and worth choosing for.

The Ieperfest Garden:

HOORAY for Ieperfest shitworkers and growing (y)our own food!
We found ourselves a perfect patch of land where some of this year's Ieperfest veggies are (still) growing and will be growing for future editions; we're talking permaculture here… This means that some of the food at Ieperfest's backstage comes straight from our very organic garden with bio seeds from Ecoflora, a great ecological nursery & web shop (check it out!).


Tap Water System:

As mentioned above, this year we team up with Boomtown to present to you their BOOMbar. We also use reusable bottles and tap water for the bandmembers & shitworkers. Thanks to the Waterbar!

Biodegradable Soap and washing-up Liquids (for FREE):

We team up with LUSH for goat's sake. So leave those nature-killing soaps and gels at home and gain from our generosity … and wash away the shame if you haven't heard of them yet ( At all other places (kitchen, bar, backstage, ...) we're still using 100% biodegradable products.

Good Waste Water Management:

As you might (not) know, all the water used on the festival ground is collected in several water tanks above and even underground. From time to time, and when needed, a local farmer comes around to suck those tanks dry and take our water straight to the water cleaning-station not that far from the fest. Not (or we should say; far from) the cheapest way, but the most effective one.

And as mentioned before, this year we will have a mobile plant based purification system on the festival site. Plant based? Hmm, where have we heard that before? Nevertheless, go check out the unit & see how nature does its work. Plants & trees, birds & bees … it might even inspire you. Buts it is mostly just plants though...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling / Reusing / Recovering Materials & Reduce Trash:

On the fest you might find loads of things we made out of recycled stuff. Or things we didn't even make, we just reuse them, sometimes (if not most of the time) for a totally different purpose. If a band you don't want to see (huh?) is playing, you've already tasted every single meal, you've read all what could be read in the MTM, you cleaned up all the mess around you and boredom is looking around the corner, go around and find those things we're talking about here. If you can find at least seven of them, you will win absolutely nothing. And even that is also how we reduce trash: Fuck those gadgets you can 'win' at other events. Isn't that simple, isn't that clean?

Strict Sorting System / Bio-plastic drinking cups collected separately / Reusable food plates & Trays with Deposit system / Compostable Cutlery:

  • Glass: fuck it, we don't want it here, so don't even bother to bring it. It is not allowed on the campsite either! But if you feel the urge to be an ass and bring your own glass bottles to the fest, we will ask you to put them in one of the glass containers we put at the entrance of the camping and the festival ground. There's actually a huge chance that the word ‘GLASS' is written on it. You just can't miss it.
  • PMD: what PMD stands for: Plastic bottles, Metallic cans and Drinking cartons. NO cups or plates or other plastic things. Just plastic bottles, metallic cans and drinking cartons. This kind of waste belongs in a BLUE BIN or bag, and will be used again to make new bottles, clothes or even bikes...
  • Paper & cardboard: You can throw all your paper (except your paper money) and cardboard in one of the big cardboard boxes. You'll find them in the merch tent where the bands and some distros will try to sell you all kinds of stuff, sometimes -unfortunately- wrapped in non-recyclable plastic (see: All other stuff that can't be recycled).
  • Organic waste: this GREEN BIN just loves food... food, unprinted napkins & wooden cutlery only. Which means that the package where the food was wrapped in, doesn't belong in this bin! Even the food doesn't belong in it as long as it can still be eaten, and there is always somebody around who will eat it. Just ask around. And if you're lucky, you could score some food for free too!!
  • Green plates/Blue trays: if you were on one of the (we lost count) last editions, you will recognize the lovely green, long-lasting hard plastic plates! So we don't have to tell you that they are being re-used. Just like other years we ask you to pay a warrant (ONE extra coupon) when you get your food/plate. When you return your/a plate to our special ‘RETURNPOINT'/'het afwaspunt' somewhere on the food court you will get a coupon back. Sounds easy, right? The plates & trays will be washed with 100% biodegradable washing-up liquid. So we can use them again.
  • - All other stuff that can't be recycled: if you're holding something that doesn't fit in one of the groups we've just explained above, you might hold something that can't be recycled (yet) and maybe that's why we call it non-recyclable waste. But hey, you can still put in into the right bin on the fest: BLACK BIN.

Composting Toilets

Apart from your usual chemical toilets, there will be dry compost toilets from Green Corner Toilet at Ieperfest. Many people know about dry toilets, particularly those in the alternative movement who are quite familiar with composting in their gardens, and who understand the advantages of recycling and simplification of our needs. The dry toilets are made out of recycled material and are REALLY REALLY comfy! The chemical products are replaced by wooden chips/shavings, which is a plus for nature, and also for us! So no yucky chemical smell, but the smell of a lovely shit in the woods! After the fest, the human/organic waste goes to a farmer who starts a procedure to make fertilizer out of our shitties, which is good for the soil. Yay for poo!

You can find more information inside the dry toilets! So what are you waiting for? Go test them out! Thank you.

What else?

  • Poster Walls: Reduce the amount of posters you hang up (and the amount of tape used) by putting them on the Poster Walls on the festival site. All other posters found elsewhere shall AND will be removed or relocated to the Poster Walls! There will be plenty of space for everyone and you'll find all the info you need on this wall. This is a free space for you to promote your show, to express your thoughts or to leave a message. Go check them out and use them wisely.
  • Bubble Gum Tree(s): Instead of spitting your bubble gum on the ground or in someone's hair, you might want to stick it on the bubble gum tree(s). Look around for them, they look like trees!
  • Ashtray Tubes: Look around for them as they actually look like cigarettes. You can't say we don't make it easy for you guys & girls. If you smoke, please take note that in Belgium smoking in tents is not allowed by law and the smokers, not the organisation can be fined by authorities. So be kind to all and smoke in open air, put your cigarette out and bin it in the ashtrays and ashtray tubes provided. Every cigarette bud you throw on the ground pollutes about 3 liters of ground water. Fuck that shit!
  • Human waste liquids and/or solids: We also ask everyone, men and women, to use the toilets to piss and shit. There are plenty of them on the fest and campsite and all of them will be cleaned on a daily base or more if needed. There‘s really no need to annoy the plants and grass with your body's wasted liquids or solids. The festival ground's smell will surely benefit from it and the chance of peeing on your own shoes will be reduced to almost zero... If you're familiar with the use of compost/dry toilets or willing to learn all about them, you should pay them a visit whenever you need to go badly...

Sensibilisation / Communication / More Than Music Ethics

As a fest and individuals we still believe that we shouldn't blindly follow others if we can set an example ourselves. For the record: we don't claim to be perfect, but at least we fucking try.

But still, we can't do it on our own. We need you: visitors, band members, distro holders, volunteers, shitworkers… in short, everybody on the fest to help out! We have to act NOW!! Our greenteam volunteered to do this (we love you long time), so please show them, yourself and everyone else some respect and work with them to keep it tidy! THANKS.

And if you might have an excellent idea regarding this matter or you want to help us before, during or after the fest: be our guest and speak your mind! Don't hesitate to get in touch with Martijn, Nathalie and Sofie through or to express your thoughts on Green Ieperfest, the present(ation) in the More Than Music tent at Ieperfest. We're working day and night (actually more nights than days) on this aspect because...

this quest will never end & we will never give in !!!